Mouse Mats

Our textile topped natural rubber mouse mat is 3mm thick and measures approx 230mm x 195 mm and can be printed in either landscape or portrait.

Choose one of our designs. Photo's for fun, company logo's to promote your business, or an inspirational quote for the office or study - the choice is yours. 

Makes a clever, functional and unique personal gift or a useful company promotional item.  

Mouse mat According to my boss
Mouse mat with quote  According to my boss...  A quote we can all relate to! Ideal fo..
Mouse mat Banana Dolphins
Mouse mat with fun design Get creative , make work more fun A fun mat for your desk at hom..
Mouse mat Batman
Mouse mat with fun Batman designI'm not saying I'm Batman... A fun mat for your desk at home, a..
Mouse mat Black Sheep
Mouse mat with funny sloganI may be the black sheep of the family... A fun mat for your desk at..
Mouse mat Boss's Favourite
Mouse mat with fun quoteHe's the boss's favourite... A fun mat for your desk at home at school ..
Mouse mat Due to the confidentiality of my job...
Mouse mat with funny work quote quote  Due to the confidentiality of my job I don't know what I..
Mouse mat Due to the current work load...
Mouse mat with quote  Due to the current work load The light at the end of the tunnel has been ..
Mouse mat If you have an opinion....
Mouse mat with funny  quote  If you have an opinion on my life  An amusing work ..
Mouse Mat It's got to the point where...
Mouse mat with quote  It's got to the point where I am working here to pay for the prescription..
Mouse mat People say I'm condescending...
Mouse mat with quote  People say I'm condescending... For the home, the office or for scho..
Mouse mat Sometimes the best part...
Mouse mat with quoteSometimes the best part of my job...  An amusing quote for the times! A con..
Mouse mat Working like a dog
Mouse mat with quote Working like a dog A fun mat for home or workStandard size mousemat3m..
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